Tocabe – An American Indian Eatery

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When I’m writing this, I’m somewhat perplexed that even after three routes through Denver with DDD on the brain, I still am leaving with 2 left over (I think that Denver has 18 spots, it is likely closer to 16, and on this trip I did 5…so perhaps I’m being a little hard on myself).  Nothing is going to live up to the epicness that was Charlotte, which was a mind-blowing and belly-bubbling 15 DDD spots and 8 breweries in basically 3.5 days.  The logistics and willpower for that is something that has to be topped…but either way…

My Denver trip in August of 2016 (???) was the following:

Denver trip late May of 2018 was:

And this trip has been an eventful:

Cora Fayes Cafe, Cafe Brazil, Bang!, and Dae Gee Korean man it looks like I still have some work to do?  Maybe the first week of November for Broncos and Texans…

Either way we’re here to talk about food aren’t we?  So this was the first time heading out to the Tennyson region which was by the Highlands, or maybe in them.  As you can see according to this map, we’re talking about NW of town where it is not walking distance to downtown but according to my compadres is easily more expensive to live anyway.  It looked like the area would be a good stroll for maybe 2-3 hours of entertainment.  No public transportation and one less DDD destination, so this is when you’re really starting to scrounge the last ones.

First off I had no idea that it was somewhat a fast casual vibe – many things on a line premade (albeit fresh-made of course) waiting for you to look and see and smell (oh there was a lot of that).  Hell, we even had a few samples right there in the Chipotle-esque line even though I don’t think they exactly anticipated the tasting.  Though they did have those tiny sample cups.

The “bowls” were pretty popular, and the ingredients instead of salsa and sour cream were definitely ingredients unique to this cuisine we rarely (I mean never…) see.

I remembered Bison Ribs being a DDD feature, and between that and my oddly curious and unexpected proclivity towards animal ribs lately, that was a choice.  Also a side of a stew seemed like a good accompyment – a perfect combination to share with my DDD mate Ms. Sandra that day.  We were still pretty full from our ONE tasty but not especially filling slice from the other DDD of the day, Hops and Pie.  It would be coming with fry bread as well and some sort of berry BBQ sauce.  What a treat we had in store.


As you can see from this Instagram post I’ve been expertly able to insert, these are all the beautiful pictures that go with the experience.

Of course what could I add and can’t I take more pictures?  One thing that’s interesting to note about the picture with the signatures is that there is indeed lots of salsa and cheese after all (I’m loling at that).  But traditional is more corn (hominy), and did we mention bison?

Takeaways are that frybread is very similar to beignets, and beignets are similar to especially fried donuts.  Great with aforementioned berry BBQ.  And the green chili stew we had had to be thoroughly subjected to hot sauces on the table to really bring out some true flavors.

Did I think I would like American Indian fast-casual cuisine so much?  Not really – it was a good vibe, good prices, and a semi-nod to DDD in the form of the Triple D (no Guy’s face hanging around).  This was the last location I went to in Denver before hitting a few more local spots that had a great following as well such as Biker Jim’s and Rosenberg’s.  But it won’t be the last.


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