The Improper Pig – Strip Mall BBQ That Can Compete

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I love restaurants in strip malls, mostly because I like the challenge of finding them.  If you look on the map, you’ll likely find an eyeglass store.  If you look on Google Maps, you can see this BBQ join beautiful juxtaposed next to two culinary nightmares.  The dichotomy is very meaningful and thought-provoking.

And yes that’s also a lady out front with multi-colored hair, fulfilling Fieri’s saying that the place should commonly be a “funky little joint”.  This was the first location we went to that was really starting to go on the outskirts, so it took a semi-long trip and an even longer conversation about if the Bulls in the height of the 90’s could take on current day Warriors.  Please please please when can I not be a part of this conversation any more.

Appreciation for acknowledgement of Mr. Fieri’s presence. Source:

Our server was very friendly and motivated to make our experience comfortable and tasty.  The claim to fames here are Improper Nachos (lol), Chow Bao Tacos (really only do BBQ Tacos if they’re from Texas sorry) and Improper Charcuterie Plate (oh fancy!  That’s the one we’ll be getting and splitting.

The noshing went quite well – nothing wrong with having a bunch of beef in a Carolina spread though I can’t imagine that’s traditional (traditional BBQ tends to be whole hog with very little seasoning, almost no sauce at all – perhaps some sort of basic basting with a very much vinegar base).  The best thing about this meal had to be the sauces, which we didn’t bother taking pictures of for some reason.


As you can see, everything as some sort of indescribable Asian flair on it – from the Tong’s Thai, to apps consisting of edamame and ahi tuna, to Bao Buns with bbq in them (which really does sound great, but there just seems to be something just slightly too sacrilegious for bbq to be subjected to fusion.) For example – “Choice of pulled pork, chicken, chopped brisket ($2), grilled salmon ($2) or smoked tofu tossed in spicy hoisin sauce in a steamed bao bun with Asian slaw | Choice of 1 side” Don’t get me wrong that sounds awesome but BBQ being such pure, uncompromised glorification of meat, would be inundated with foreign extremities on all fronts.

We did love what we got though – standout pulled pork and potatoes chips too.  Bookmarked in between Landmark and something else I can’t recall, this was just the beginning of a fairly uneventful evening!


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