Jimmy’s Famous Seafood – Blue Crab is Really King Crab

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Can you go to Baltimore and not have Blue Crab, perhaps in the form of a Blue Crab Cake? Let me answer that for you – surely not!

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So much glory, so much crab.  Coming off of our SCINTILLATING UCF win against Maryland in College Park, we were flying high on our way back up north.  And sure enough it was NFL Sunday, with the Jags playing the Ravens in London for a game starting at around 10 AM.  What better way to spend that time than at a DDD spot in Baltimore?  Serendipity never tasted so good.

With the layout of the restaurant more like a haphazard Victorian house (evidently back in the day the owner and his family lived up top with the restaurant at the bottom) we made our way upstairs and then out into the patio area for some fine bottomless brunching with crab many-a-ways.

Let me preface by saying while this dining experience wasn’t particularly cheap, it was relatively divine.  Of course we had their crab cakes which set the bar to new extremes – it was as if there was so much crab in it they figure out how to put more crab into it than previously mastered, or it was compressed using unknown engineering techniques.  Then of course crab stuffed mushrooms, crab mac and cheese (insane, better than any lobster mac I’ve had) and even soft shell crab which I’m a personal huge fan of.  Truly a tour of the wonders Blue Crab can impart on humanity.

If any of you are wondering what the deal is with soft shell crab, you’re not saying that you eat the shell right? But why mention it is soft shell. Because you do eat the shell.

They are basically in the process of moulting its old shell for a new shell roughly once a year.  During this time it is prime time to scoop of these crabs, and between the lack of shell and their often deep fried preparation, eating the crab whole is simple!

We did the whole tour, but expect to pay a bit for it.  Like $60-$80 per person bit.

So some time is going by – we’re enjoying our libations, the Ravens are getting absolutely pummeled by the Jaguars at this point, and we’re reveling in the presence of the most exquisite sea creatures in town.  It’s at this point that the waitress, whom can sense our complete contentment with the situation, offers to give us a tour.

“Wow a freaking tour!  Absolutely!  Bring the beers too!”, it was good timing because everyone around us at this point, being a devout Ravens fan, was thoroughly despondent and borderline crying into their Coors.

We started by going through their more casual dining area with some to-go stuff, then their entire bottom dining and bar area which I would have never known existed, followed by ANOTHER more formal dining area in the back.  And we hadn’t even gone upstairs yet!

Private areas, more dining areas, catering areas, wow.  They really do have it all here.  According to their website, their three private rooms could have parties with up to 250 guests.  No wonder they have 120 parking spaces.  It’s definitely interesting seeing a place run the gambit from very casual bar to hinging on completely formal, all with their beloved and delicious Blue Crab as the centerpiece.  Yep we’re talking about you big guy.




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