Georgia’s Greek – I’m Sure it Was Good

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So I’m writing a lot of these blogs based off of recollection – recollection from a memory I think is pretty decent.  I can remember names, quotes from movies like “Vanilla Sky” and shows like “The Office”, and the numerous tasks needing to be delivered for my company on any day.  Needless to say, I’m going to be ripping through anecdotes and memories when writing about the 50+ locations I’ve been to that weren’t in the past few months.  When reviewing all of the locations I plan on writing moving forward, I’m confident about all of them.  Except for this one.

Thanks!  Good night everyone!  If you want to read about what my dining experience here was, you won’t find it here. If you want to simply read about the proceeding good ol times I had with my good friend Sean Baby Scott in Seattle, well let’s keep going.

In reality, I feel bad I can’t remember my time here.  It was the early afternoon, so I hadn’t been drinking.  I wasn’t hungover, I hadn’t suffered a minor concussion.  And I will not make a slight and say the place wasn’t memorable.  EVERY DDD SPOT IS MEMORABLE!  But I remember we had a lunch special, I had one Mythos beer, and writing this I now remember for the first time we had


YEEEHAW!!!  Who doesn’t like that?! Who can’t remember that?!?

I ubered outside of Sean’s place in Ballard and waited outside before going instead because his house smelled exactly like feet.  He had a car so I said before our trip out to Snoqualmie Falls I wanted to hit up a DDD spot (I tried the night before to go to Bizzarro Cafe but they were straight booked the rest of the entire night.  I am still thoroughly defeated because it looks ridiculous good and according to locals, it definitely is).  So after getting our grub on at Georgia’s (WHICH LOOKS GREAT I PROMISE) we headed out to Snoqualmie for some stunning pictures, catering to my witticisms repeatedly yauping “SNO QUAL MIE MAYBE” which I found out of course I’m like the 10000th person to think of that.  Breathtaking, along the fact the iconic Double R Diner from Twin Peaks resides close by (Twin Peaks including season 3 is one of my favorite things about life).


After that we decided to traverse to the top of a hike-friendly peak near by (probably the one in the previous picture) but between the lack of footwear, motivation, and parking pass, we ascended probably 15% of it.

I hope you really liked my blog about Georgia’s Greek – I guess it was worth mentioning that the blog isn’t always about the place itself but the adventures and travels that surround the DDD being the destination.  As the saying goes, it’s not always about the destination as much as it is about the journey.  Or something like that.


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