Chap’s Beef – We’ve Been Waiting for a Better Arby’s

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Hey! Turns out they’ve got the beef, and half the car mates had beef with getting off of 95 at 9 PM on a Friday night just for some Chap’s Beef.  When it comes to getting others to participate in the Triple D life, sometimes it’s better just to mention “this place is really good trust me” but you’d obviously have a response like “when the hell do you go to Baltimore and how would you hear about this place?  I bet this is some dumb triple D spot”.

It’s not dumb

Either way, if you say it was featured on triple D, there’s either above-average enthusiasm or unbridled aversion – it’s only one of the two.  But skipping to the end of the story, I would say this pit stop for pit beef was well worth it.

Chap’s Beef in normie terms is definitely “better Arby’s”, but it’s so much more than that, and I’m here to explain (you should probably watch the video too).

First off, you can actually order the roast beef pretty similarly to steak (medium rare, medium etc.) which makes sense because it’s beef.  Smothered in sauces similar to Arby’s but so much more tasty on the palate – horseradish and some really nice and tangy BBQ!  We rolled up pretty late on the way to see our beloved UCF Knights take on Maryland to secure their path to their undefeated season (woop).  I’d say it was around 9 PM and it was fairly packed, but efficient since we got our food relatively quickly (hence the Fast Casual designation).  Everyone liked their sandwiches – piled high roast beef, soft but secure roll, and great sauces with dispensers inside and outside in the patio area.  They were clearly set up to make sure your sandwich could easily be doused til dripping in your favorite selection.

Chap’s Beef is an interesting destination because it really is fairly unique compared to most DDD’s – not a sit down, the offering is actually very unique (pit beef eh?), and it is always always always busy.  Most DDD’s we’ve been to definitely have their lulls, but you wouldn’t find that here.  It is probably more likely the fact that it has been an institution for a long time prior to the Fieri Blessing.  Also as far as other DDD websites go, Chap’s is among the most voted or the single highest voted destination of them all.

Sometimes a really good roast beef sandwich is a thing of beauty – letting that beloved specialty take the spotlight alongside simple slabs of bread, a couple slivers of onion, and the marriage with a reliable and palate-popping sauce.  I really enjoyed it here and I’d be back should I be swinging through 95 in that area.


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